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Night stalker Witching hour Zombie invasion Unliving portraits Jack-0-lantern jamboree

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5 AtmosFEAR FX DVDs ...

Night stalker Witching hour Zombie invasion Unliving portraits Creepy Crawlies 2


AtmosFEARfx Macabre ...

A family of ghosts occupy a long-abandoned building that was once their home. After centuries without 'living' tenants in their derelict home, the family of ghosts have turned to haunting each other to pass their tedious, endless days. The family consists of the lord of the house, the lady of the house, and their twin children.


101 Tricks With A Thumb ...

Everything you would like to know about the magical thumb tip. 32 page soft bound book.


101 Tricks With Svengali ...

If you have a Svengali deck, then you need this book. Solid, audience-tested material.


101 Tricks With The ...

If you're stuck for an idea for a stripper deck, then this is The Book. New Original effects and new tips. Requires no skill. SOFT BOUND BOOK - 28 PAGES - 5 1/2 X 8 1/2


12 Gospel Routines With ...

This book is written with the Christian worker in mind, whether you are a pastor, teacher, lay person, christian speaker or entertainer. 36 pages.


12 Gospel Routines With ...

Twelve great ideas for presenting the Gospel using a thumb tip. Properly titled with a scriptural application to guide the audience through the lesson.


12 Gospel Tricks W Pen ...

Twelve excellent effects on ways to lift up Jesus. Each lesson has a scripture and a story such as Jacob's Dream, Five Little Words and more. 27 pages.


12 Gospel Tricks With ...

Here's a book loaded with ideas and routines complete with bible text to present ideas with impact. 32 pages.


12 Gospel Tricks With ...

If you want to add some color and beauty to your program, include some silk magic. Here is a book full of grand old tricks with original Gospel routines. 32 pages.


12 Gospel Tricks You Can ...

If you want to get into the Gospel Magic business with very little output of cash, this book will be of interest to you. 32 pages.


12 Impromptu Gospel ...

Impromptu Gospel magic gives you routines that you can do with items that are readily available, or that can be borrowed from your audience. 36 pages.


3 Card Monte Book

Street game of the mid 30's that took in some of the wealthiest people of it's day. Author John Scarne teaches it all in this book. SOFT BOUND BOOK - 47 PAGES - 5 1/2 X 8 1/2


3D Makeup & Masks Book ...

Gives a pictorial guide to the technology of prosthetics, a makeup technique that is used in theatre, film and tv.


50 Magic Lessons Book ...

One of the best in Gospel Works. Includes magic object and religious object lessons. Ideal for the one who has an object lesson of some kind to give every week and needs some fresh ideas. 50 pages.


Airbrush And ...

Jos Brands, reowned makeup artist, provides step by step instruction on body painting using freehand and stencil techiques. This book shows the human body as an interesting three dimensional canvas for painting. This book does contain nudity. 81 pages.


Alien Life Of Barlowe

Full color book of the strangest looking aliens ever seen! The brillant detail of Wayne Barlow makes all of his creatures truly unique.


All About Linking Rings

This book includes all the moves useful when working with a standard set of rings. Soft bound. 64 pages. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches.


Applause And How To Get ...

Getting applause requiries a definite technique. Mistakes in the technique will choke off applause, even when you have a strong act. Many magicians could double their applause with the information in this book. Real skill in controlling applause will make your audience appreciate you more and help you build your reputation. SOFT BOUND BOOK - 23 PAGES - 5 1/2 X 8 1/2