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Appearing Cane Economy

At the end of your act, you wave a silk scarf in the air, and it turns into a walking cane. You walk off the stage with a smile, and to a big round of applause. Silk not included. Plastic cane.


Breakaway Wand

You wave a solid magic wand over your trick, then hand it to a volunteer. The wand collapses in his hands! Plastic.


Cane Dancing Magic

Magician's cane comes to life, it starts dancing up and around as if controlled by magical spirits.


Colored Nesting Wands

You hand a spectator a large magic wand but when they take it, you still have a wand in your hand! This happens again and again until the poor child is holding a wand in each hand, under each arm, under their chin and perhaps even between their knees!


Crystal Wand

It's for the classy magician. Clear acrylic wand with sparkle tips. Our finest.


Growing Sponge Ball

A small sponge ball magically grows into a large one.


Light Up Magic Wand

The perfect wand for any fairy godmother, or talented wizard. Realistic carved-wood wand, measures 14 inch long. Wand features a light up end, and maskes a magical whimsical sound when button is pressed. Plastic wand.


Mini Sponge Balls

Package of 8 mini sponge balls that can be used in a variety of ways. Each are 1 inch in diameter.


Nesting Wands 5 Pcs

Hand a spectator a wand, and one reamins in the magician's handagain and again until the spectator has five.


Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

You tell the story about the Rabbit family, and place them in the spectators hands, now watch the family grow.


Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Pro

You tell the story about the Rabbit family, and place them in the spectators hands, now watch the family grow.


Super Needle Balloon Wand

A special magic wand you can use throughout your show but is constructed to hold your Super Needle for the Balloon Trick. It will keep your needle safe, straight, sharp, and "ready" to use. If you do the Super Needle and don't have one of these, you know what a hassle it is to prepare and store it. Well, now it's always ready! And if you need the Super Needle Trick, we have it too, just email or call!


Vanishing And Reappearing Wand

Magician rolls his magic wand in paper which then vanishes only to magically appear in his coat pocket. A standard trick of famous magicians for yearsalso shows you how to vanish a silk and make it reappear. Includes: a professional wand with chrome tips and ample supplies to perform the trick a dozen times.


Vanishing Cane Metal

Magician walks onto stage with his black cane in his hands. To the amazement of the audience, the cane vanishes right before their eyes, and in its place is a large silk scarf. Silk not included. Can be performed surrounded. Deluxe metal cane, made in Germany. Opened to its full length, it is approximately 32 inches long.


Vanishing Wand Shells

Package of 12 wand shells for your next 12 shows.


Wand Blank Roll Out Ragsdale

Magician waves his wand, it unrolls and reveals any special message you wish to wtie on it.


Wand Magicians Economy

Lightweight plastic wand for any magic uses. A fine inexpensive magical prop. 13 inches long. Black with white tips.