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Aladdins Card Case ...

Made of plastic. Aladdin's magic card case.


Believe It Or Not

Magician shows a fan of five cards, each of them different. He then reverses every other card and closes the fan. When he opens the fan again, all the cards are now face up.


Blank Back Face Only ...

Blank back, face only bridge deck.


Blank Face Deck/Enardoe

Red backs, Special trick cards.


Brainwave Bicycle Poker

Spectator thinks of a card, you take a deck from your pocket and fan it. The chosen card is the only one face up, but wait, you turn it over and it's the only red card in the deck.


Bridge Size Deck/Enardoe

Quality bridge deck with the unique Enardoe back. Great for magic use as well as your favorite card games!


Card In Balloon

A card is selected from a borrowed deck. Card is marked and placed back into deck and shuffled. Deck is placed in chrome stand while a balloon is blown up and placed on top of stand. The balloon is popped to expose the marked card.


Card Warp

Fold card in half lenghtwise, push in folder and it emerges inside out. Repeat again and again.


Cards Giant Face

This is a normal size deck, but the markings are larger so your audience can easily read the card from a distance.


Cards Jumbo

This is a full deck of jumbo-sized cards. (6 3/4 in x 4 7/8 in) that can be seen from the stage. Fine for stage magic. This deck is imported


Cheek To Cheek Deck ...

Deck is shuffled, half face up and half face down. Tap the cards, all are face down except the selected card. Amazing.


Confusing Deck

Spades and clubs are red, hearts and diamonds are black Livens up any game!


Destination Unknown

A clever trick that has fooled many magicians as well as non-magicians! 10 laminated cards are displayed, each having 10 cities named. A spectator mentally selects a city and turns that card over. You immediately turn all the rest over. You ask the spectator to find his city again, wherever it is listed on the back side and to simply point out that card. When he tells you the card you instantly know the city! Lots of fun to perform... and rather perplexing!


Diamond Color Monte

A surprise story with three cards, two red, one blue, that changes into all red and all blue. Finally a $14.00 surprise.


Double Back Deck Enardoe

Enardoe Playing Cards. A superior quality deck of bridge size playing cards. Cards are double backed and available in either blue backs or red backs, same color on both sides. Excellent for pocket magic tricks for the magician.


Double Face Deck/Diff ...

Different both sides, Special trick cards. Bridge size cards.


Electric Deck

You show your audience how graceful you are at manipulating and juggling cards. Then you say "You'll want to get a photo out of this" and you hold the cards up. They are all strung together!


Eureka Deck Enardoe

This amazing deck is both a stripper deck and marked deck all in one. The combination allows you to create miracles with cards. And that is only the beginning, this is the finest deck ever made. It will make you look like a real magician.


Fanning Powder

Will make your cards smooth and ready for fanning. Easy to apply.


Fatal Attraction

The box is brought forth, opened and the deck is shuffled and a card is selected. The card is returned to the to the pack and deck is again shuffled. Pack is now handed to spectator with instructions to deal cards one at a time into open box. He may also stop dealing anytime he wishes. At this point the last card dealt is removed from the box and turned over where it is seen to be the chosen card.