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Confetti Cannon C02 1 X 26

CO2 powered cannon to shoot streamers or confetti, great stage effect. IA10916 is the only co2 cartridge that works with this item. Add IA222 confetti or IA221 streamers plus IA219 Plug to achieve the desired effect.


Confetti Foil Multiclr 10Oz

Multicolored 1lb. Bag.


Confetti For Ia220 12Infill

Confetti to be fired from IA220 Confetti Cannon. 3/4" X 2"STRIPS OF TISSUE PAPER AND RIBBONS


Confetti Launcher Ultra

The professional model will launch a huge multi-color fountain of confetti enhancing any production. Uses flame proof confetti and flash paper (sold separately) and ignitors(pack of 10 included). Needs 2 ignitors per launch. 1 and 1/2 inch diameter barrel. Instructions included.


Confetti Launchr Batry Oper

Foot operated device capable of making a large shower of confetti or big ball of fire. For stage productions, parties, magicians, bands and weddings. CAUTION: Not sold to minors! Uses 2 AA batteries.


Partyshot Plug Fr Cannon Ia220

Set contains 1 cap and 1 plug for the confetti cannon IA220.


Streamr Tissue Multi Ia 220

Streamers to be fired from IA220 Confetti Cannon.