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Day Of The Dead Beverage ...

Wonderfully festive drinking cups perfect for a Day of the Dead celebration! 8 cups per package. Paperboard. 9 oz. size. Okay for hot and cold use.


Day Of The Dead Door ...

A festive door cover with a colorful design featuring two dancing skeletons celebrating the Day of the Dead! Perfect for the front door of your house so people know where the party is! Polyethylene. 30in x 5ft. Great for indoor and outdoor use.


Day Of The Dead Luncheon ...

Wonderfully festive napkins perfect for a Day of the Dead celebration! 16 napkins per package. 2-Ply. Paper. 6.5in x 6.5in.


Day Of The Dead Masks

Fun and colorful masks with a sugar skull motif perfect for Day of the Dead events! One size fits most. Paperboard. 4 masks to a package. 12 inch masks with elastic bands.


Day Of The Dead Plates

Wonderfully festive plates perfect for a Day of the Dead celebration! Very colorful. 8 plates per package. Paperboard. 9 inches.


Day Of The Dead Skull ...

Colorful assortment of beads shaped like skulls and bones which are perfect for Day of the Dead celebrations and even an edgy look for a Mardi Gras event. Plastic. 6 necklaces to a package. 33 inches.


Day Of The Dead ...

A festive pink table cover perfect for any Day of the Dead celebration or even a Halloween event! Pink with white skeletons alongside with gold borders. PEVA. 54in x 108in.


Day Of The Dead Whirls

A very colorful set of whirls you can hang for decoration as part of a Day of The Dead event or just for fun on your porch. 5 whirls in a package. Metallic. 3ft 4 in .