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A small circle of chain is held hanging from one hand, a steel ring held in the other. The ring is simply dropped touching the side of the chain but links itself to the chain just as it reaches the end. AMAZING TO WATCH!


Ear Fire Light

The bright red light lands on your right ear then travels to your left ear. Many other great effects. Use as a gag turning signal, ears flash to show which way you are turning.


Nails Thru Balloon

A small empty aluminum cylinder is shown looking right through the ends. An "animal balloon" is inflated and then pushed through the ends of the tube filling it tightly. The tube has two holes going straight through the sides (so actually 4, lol) two large solid nails are shown and pushed right through... without popping the balloon! They are retrieved , the balloon pulled out, and then popped if you so wish! Or... as I discovered in demonstrating this item, you can actually pull the balloon out WHILE THE NAILS ARE STILL IN PLACE! Then show the tube through the ends with the nails going right through! I got a great reaction from this, JAW DROPPING!