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Autumnal Charm Deluxe ...

Each cracker is 14 inches long and there are 6 cra


Banana Zipper Gag 8 Inch

Pull out a banana, and unzip it instead of peeling. Zip it back up and put in back in your pocket for a great running gag. Approximately 8 inches long.


Bar Bug Ice Cube

Eww! Plastic ice cube has a rubber insect embedded in it. Very real looking!


Bum Shorts

One of the best gags ever. Walk around with this on and enjoy the startled looks.


Carrot 21 Inch Foam ...

Made of soft latex and is foam filled.


Carrot Foam 5 Inches Long

5-inch foam carrot with 2 inches of top leaves. Hand painted with a realistic look, very lightweight. Good addition to any bunny costume!


Chocolate Mess

Looks like chocolate syrup spilled from an open can tipped on its side, but in reality the chocolate mess is only rubber. Great to leave on the kitchen floor for a practical joke on children or parents.


Clarinet Classic Kazoo ...

Get the classic kazoo sound with a fun new musical shape! Clarinet.

Picture of Crackers Golden Sentiments Out of Stock
DR LAB KIT Out of Stock

Dr Lab Kit

A perfect mad scientist accessory! 2 beakers and 2 test tubes in every blister pack.


Fresh Milk

A carton of milk so fresh that when you start to can hear it MOOOO!


Fried Egg

Watch you friends try to eat this in the morning. Very realistic. Rubber prop.


Hide A Brew 7 Op

Just wrap one of these labels around your favorite beverage to make it look like your favorite sofet drink. Self adhering magnetized vinyl is reusable.


Hide A Brew Pipsi

Just wrap one of these labels around your favorite beverage to make it look like your favorite soft drink. Self adhering magnetized vinyl is reusable. Diet Pipsi.


Hot Dog And Bun

Foam rubber prop that also fits into our dog leashes. 11.5 in long


Mustard Squirt

When you squeeze the bottle, strings are ejected and gives a real fright. Easy reloading for reuse.


Nfb Script Family ...

Family crackers 12 x 12.5" per cracker. 6 crackers per box


Phoney Burger

Real looking juicy burger made of rubber. Packaged on a colorful card.


Phoney Hot Dog

Looks like the real thing! Bun not included. Packaged on a card.


Phoney Money 100 50/Pack

Almost real, but it's not. For use with gaming, or anytime real money is just too expensive.