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Hillary Clinton Candidate Adult Wig

Hillary Adult Wig. Multi-highlighted wig, with side part and bumb on the ends. (1) wig only. Shirt, scarf, jacket, pin, and pearl necklace not included. Care instructions - soak wig using cold water only, add a dash of mild shampoo and gently work into a lather, rinse thoruoughly in cold water. To dry, gently squeeze and shake excess water. let drip dry. Do not brush or style while wet. Brush into desired style after wig is completely dry. If restyling us desired, set with hair product and rollers. Dry with warm dryer. Colors , style and contents may vary slightly from those shown on package. 100% polyester. Wig has elastic and netting inside of head area, for a secure fit.
Manufacturer: Seasonal Visions