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Baby Angry Face Adult ...

Feel like a good pout? This mask will get the feelings out. An amazingly photographically real looking angry baby face sure to get your point across about how sad and bitter the situation has made you. One size fits most adults. Giant masks are 13" x 18" and made of foamboard!


Baby Kissing Face Adult ...

Feel happier than you've ever felt before? Make sure the world knows with this amazingly photographically real looking kissing baby face. This mask is sure to get your point across about how overwhelmingly happy you are! One size fits most adults. Giant masks are 13" x 18" and made of foamboard.

Picture of Baby Lol Mask Out of Stock

Baby Lol Mask

One of our most popular masks, this new Baby LOL mask is cuter than a button and depicts a photo-realistic picture of a baby squinching their face and smiling a wide smile. Item is held on the head by elastic straps and is sure to be the hit of any event where it is worn. There's nothing cuter than a smiling baby.


Bacon Open Face Adult ...

There's only one thing in the world better than bacon and that's YOU in this new open-face bacon mask. Bacon. One size fits most adults.


Banana Man Adults Full ...

A great gag mask for that off-the-wall look! Show your friend how bananas you actually are! Full over-the-head latex mask. One size fits most adults.


Beer Mug Open Face Adult ...

Use this great open-face beer mug mask to show everyone what your favorite beverage is! Beer mug. One size fits most adults.


Big Eyed Cat Adult ...

A large mask featuring a cool big eyed cat that is sure to attract attention. Mask looks incredibly real due to a photographic process which makes for an finely detailed picture. One size fits most adults. Giant masks are 13" x 18" and made of foamboard.

CASH MASK Out of Stock

Cash Mask

Quality latex mask by Don Post Studios.


Cheeseburger Open Face ...

Feeling kinda cheesy? Maybe a little meaty? Tell the world with this great open-face mask. Cheeseburger. One size fits most adults.


Chili Pepper Open Face ...

Show the world how hot you think you are with this great new open-face chili pepper mask. Chili Pepper. One size fits most adults.


Clown Dlx Chinless Mask ...

Clown chinless mask. Super realistic, over the head latex masks with the lower chin and mouth area cut away. You can talk, party whatever you want is these great looking masks. Individually hand painter and haired (where applicable) for the most realistic look possible! Red hair.

CRY BABY MASK Out of Stock

Crying Baby Full Head ...

Full-over-the-head latex mask of a crying baby. A great gag!


Crying Baby Full Over ...

100% PVC full over-the-head crying baby mask, one size fits most adults.


Droopy Jaw

Freaky faces are half masks with latex band holds the mask securely in place. Easy and comfortable to wear. Makeup is not necessary but can be used to blend the edges.


Frankenfink Adult Mask ...

Inspired by the 60s Hot Rod classic icon Rat Fink, Johnny Ace and Kali Verra continue to honor the spirit of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth with Franken Fink. And now you can have the first ever officially licensed Franken Fink mask.


Fried Egg Food Open Face ...

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so look important in this new open-face egg mask. Fried egg. One size fits most adults.


Game Face Soccer Full ...

Now you can not just watch the ball, you can be the ball. Full over the head mask.