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Alien Autopsy Prop Dead

Alien Autopsy is a realistic prop made of latex and foam. The prop is made of two pieces that fit together. It is flat backed and designed to lie on a table. Perfect for your Alien, UFO, or Roswell theme.


Alien Death Foam Filled ...

One of the most realistic UFO aliens you will see. Sculpted by Jordu Schell, one of Hollywood's best F/X artists. You will have to see it to believe it. Foam filled latex prop. Prop Dims: 42" x 20" x 12".


Alien Lifesize 68 Inches ...

UFO Alien, sculpted by Jordu Schell for the Travel Channel's Making Monsters show. Now you can own a copy of the gorgeous creation. Measures 68 inches tall, 16 wide. Foam filled latex prop.


Alien Lifesize Foam ...

This foam filled, flat backed latex piece is precision painted to achieve a realistic look. Wooden armature in head allows easy attaching to wall for standing style. Or lays nicely on any surface for a realistic look. Approx. 4 1/2 feet tall.

ALIEN WALL 4 FT X 8 FT Out of Stock

Alien Wall 4 X 8 Feet ...

These walls will complete your alien set. Designed to fit together. Makes an impressive corridor.


Angel Of Death

At first glance, she is an angelic winged messenger in the form of a small girl. At over 5 feet tall, her long flowing hair spills over her shoulders and her head is bent as if in prayer. But take a closer look and she is in fact the harbinger of death.


Animated Head Detached ...

Light up eyes, mouth moves as he says Halloween phrases, requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) Size: L60" x W17" x T10" Sound activated


Autopsy Body Lifesize ...

Life-sized foam filled latex, very realistic, disturbing, but in good taste. Complete 3-D body with all the entrails hanging out.


Baby Creeton Prop

Ever wonder where Aliens come from? Well they start out as babies. Large head, small body baby that can be held as such and shown off to your finds as you cradle it in your arms. Foam filled latex prop, individually hand painted. As seen on Travel Channel's Making Monsters. Approximately 20 inches long, 8 1/2 inches in height and 8 inches wide.


Back Rider Mummy 36 ...

This comfortable and lightweight easy to handle puppet has a moving head that is cable-controlled by the operator, giving them a life of their own. 36 inches tall.


Bad Betty Little Zombie ...

Watch out, this little girl plays rough! Little zombie girl holding her baby doll. This one is really creepy! Foam- filled latex prop with open back, designed to be placed against a wall. Highly durable and weather resistant. Approx. 48" tall and 16" wide. UPS SHIPPABLE - ALLOW $50.00 FOR SHIPPING IN US Dims approximately: 61 x 13 x 13, approx 17 lbs.


Bag Of Mice With Rat ...

Bag of Mice with Rat Sounds, requires 3 AG13 batteries that are (not included). Size: L18" X W6" X T6"

BANSHEE Out of Stock


A huge overpowering beast with a snarling growl and extended ears. Accentuated muscle chest, abdomen, and back. 43 inches tall, foam filled prop.


Batman Prop Fiberglass

The Caped Crusader is here again. Full size fiberglass prop, measuring 6 foot, 9 inches tall including base. Fabric cape, left hand holding a Bat-a-rang. Individually hand produced and painted. This is a true collector's item!


Black Reaper Moving ...

Plastic skeleton head has light-up eyes and moving mouth, skeleton hands with poseable arms, and a long gauzy gown that will move with any passing breeze. He speaks Halloween phrases, which are sound activated. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. 60 inches tall.


Black Reaper Standing ...

5.7 feet tall, grim reaper with light-up eyes and posable arms. Requires 3 AG13 watch batteries. (Not included)


Blind Demon Prop

Latex foam filled head prop of the most wicked demon you will see. Mounted on its on base. This collectors piece is ready for showing immediately. Sculpted by leading Hollywood F/X artist. Individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible.


Bloodthirsty Vampiress ...

A vampires shows her pain after having a stake driven through her heart! Great static prop to dress up your haunted scene! Foam-filled latex skin.


Body Bag With Full Size ...

Enough already! A truly unsettling product that does just that. Full sized inverted bloody body in semi-translucent bag. Bag and body included.


Butcher Block Table ...

A proven attention getter. This piece will shock and confound your guests. This powerful illusion is comfortable, durable and easy to get in and out of. Ships via truck only.