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Dvd Tomsoni And Company

The Great Tomsoni is Poland's finest magician. Even amid the show business disaster, these hapless performers rise above the circumstance to baffle and perplex their audience.


Dvd 25 Tricks With A Thumb

Learn 25 spectacular magic tricks using one of the most ingenious magical tools ever devised; a thumb tip. Amaze your friends without years of practice. Perform like a pro without learning any complicated sleight-of-hand.


Dvd Art Of Levitation A Tracz

Learn how to Levitate. Not just small objects, even yourself. This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to cause objects to float in space, defying the law of gravity.


Dvd Balloon Magic Made Easy

Create over 30 sculptures; a hat, bee, flower, parrot, butterflies, and many more.


Dvd Bar Magic

Eric Mead, Bob Sheets, and Scotty York use their years of experience to show you how to be a success behind the bar. They reveal some of proven, favorite routines and also discuss in four informative interviews how to make a good living performing in this venue.


Dvd Billy Mc Comb

Here is your chance to learn the proper construction and routining to some of magic's best secrets. Billy takes his magic beyond technical skill creating an entertaining experience for all. Watch him perform serpent silk, dove production, half-dyed hank, himber ring, six card repeat, seven corner hank, credit card in wallet, whiskey egg bag and gypsy thread is shown with no explanations.


Dvd Bobo 23 Dvd

The master showman who performed 13,000 school shows, gives you the insight on how to book, what to charge, what tricks to do and even what clothes to wear. You will not only see his show but also his lecture on thew close up magic he was famous for, dice, coins and sleeving techniques.


Dvd Charlie Miller 18 Dvd

The true star of commercial magic, Charlie Miller's magic will astound you! Featured on this DVD are performances of his spirited trickery of Paper Mystery, Mutilated Parasol and Malini Egg Bag, and also gives a how to on his Four Deuce Trick, Balls in Net, Floating Pencil, Hanky Knots and Hat Trick!


Dvd Chinese Sticks Teach

You will enjoy 6 different routines by five performers. Watch Howard Hale's version based on the Fred Kaps original routine. Pete Biro will give you two different routines with comedy bits. Colombini will make you laugh with his funny routine and patter. Joe Stevens will show you his routine. And finally to close the DVD, enjoy Charlie Miller's classic vintage routine.


Dvd Coin Classics Vol 1 Teach

As a coin aficionado you will enjoy a smorgasboard of wonderful coin magic effects. Fourteen different effects by 13 fabulous magical performers. Don Alan's performance of the classic "Cigarette through the Quarter" is the finest routine ever seen. Also watch Bobo, who wrote the book on coin magic, perform one of his finest coin effects.


Dvd Coin Classics Vol 2

More professional effects and routines by top coin aficionados from around the world. From Japan to Canada, to Holland & America. There are 13 effects and routines in all.


Dvd Comedy Magic

Part I Performance Segment: Our three experts treat you to their puns, prestidigitation, satire and sleight of hand. Part II Teach-in Segment: Learn the intricacies of sleight of tongue (card in mouth), coloring book, self inflating balloon, 6 card repeat with glitter thru card, the pickpocket watch steal, lightning-fast plastic bag escape.


Dvd Cups And Balls Teach

This is a new concept in instructional videos featuring a variety of magic's most legendary artists performing and explaining one classic effect. For example, see how John Paul's famed cups & balls routine differs from Charlie Miller's, Michael Ammar's & Mike Rodgers'. Gain insight on each performer's philosophy, style, and subtlety on the same effect.


Dvd Daryl Vol 7 Dvd

Daryl's mastery and charismatic personality shine through showing you how he won prizes at Fism and The Prestigious Desert Magic Seminar. You will have closeup instructions of rope, coin and master card magic.


Dvd Dick Ryan 42 Dvd

Ever wonder how to book lucrative trade shows? Dick gives you all the inside information on not only book dates but how to work with agents. He also unselfishly reveals the nuts and bolts of how to exhibit at shows to generate traffic, negotiate fees and request testimonials.


Dvd D'lite

The professional DVD that gives you an inside view and shows all the special moves with this great trick.


Dvd Don Alan

Here are the inside tips on booking and performing Trade Show Magic, plus a classic example of adapting material for trade show use. Don also gives his thoughts on making a living with magic, magicians who "borrow" material and handling unruly spectators. Long after the trade show or party, people still remember the magic of Don Alan. Perhaps that's why almost anyone who performs close-up magic does something of his.


Dvd Egg Bag Teach To

Four top professional routines performed. Martin Lewis shows and explains the Senor Mardo Egg Bag. Tom Mullica entertains with the Comedy egg bag. Billy McComb bedazzles you with his favorite routine using the Whiskey Egg Bag The last segment is a lecture by Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson on the famous "Malini Egg Bag."


Dvd Eugene Burger

Eugene Burger intertwines dramatic story telling and penetrating magic to delight lay persons and magic devotees alike. See these seven fantastic creations from magic's mystic guru diamond jack, gypsy thread, card sleight, sponge ball routine, dracula and the sorority girl, cocaine cigarette and coin through table.


Dvd Gene Anderson

Gene Anderson is known throughout the world as the recognized master of newspaper magic. Gene shares invaluable knowledge on how to earn a respectable income from magic performing as a part-time professional.