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Dvd Movie Fx Dvd Volume 3

Taught by Professionals. Each DVD is over 3 ours running time. Multiple lessons and demos on each DVD. Perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. Volume 3 lessons include cuts and bruises, scarring, visual fx, and facial hair.


Dvd Movie Fx Dvd Volume 4

Lessons include: Burn makeup, facecasting, silicone hand making, painting and finishing.


Dvd Movie Fx Dvd Volume 5

Lessons include: How to make wounds smoke and squirt blood, drowning makeup, making and applying slipcast appliances.


Dvd Movie Fx Volume 6

On this volume, Frozen Makeup, Silicone Zombie, Bald Cap and Pros-Aide 3-D Transfer Scars.


Dvd Prosthetic Make Up

In this video you will see demonstrations from a group of Hollywood's finest artists as they create a prosthetic makeup including false teeth and hair. Also includes an interview and career profile of makeup legend Tom Burman.


Movie Fx Dvd Vol 1

Movie FX DVD Videomagazine presents Special Effects Master Class Volume One. Inside are six demonstrations of various effects techniques ranging from sculpting to the application of facial prosthetics, all taught by professionals in the motion picture and TV industry. MAQUETTE: Before special effects artist build a full size monster, they usually create a small sculptured version called a Maquette for the studio to approve. Creature desiger JORDU SCHELL shows you how to sculpt one. HEADCASTING: Anyone familiar with makeup and prosthetics knows the key to it is having a headcast of your actor. this demonstration shows you the process, step by step. LATEX APPLIANCES: This segment demonstrates the application using an off the shelf vampire latex prosthetic, as seen in a couple popular tv shows. CREATURE BUST: Desginer Jordu Schell Demonstrates sculpting a 1:1 scale monster, as seen on the front cover. HALF MASK: In this segment, we sculpt, mold, cast, and airbrush a half mask. FANGS: Effects artist Michael Pack demonstrates the techniques he uses for making custom made fangs for various tv shows and fims.

MOVIE FX DVD VOL 2 Out of Stock

Movie Fx Dvd Vol 2

Instructional DVDs taught by professionals in the special effects industry. Each DVD is over 3 hours running time. Multiple lessons and demos, perfect for beginners and advanced students alike.


Movie Fx Halloween Makeup

This is a compilation of makeup effects contained in volumes I, II, and III. Great how to makeup effects on one DVD. Creating gun shot wounds, applying zombie makeup, vampire prosthetics, bruises, scars and wounds, and toxic waste face.