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Autumnal Charm Deluxe ...

Each cracker is 14 inches long and there are 6 cra


Banana Zipper Gag 8 Inch

Pull out a banana, and unzip it instead of peeling. Zip it back up and put in back in your pocket for a great running gag. Approximately 8 inches long.

BANG GUN Out of Stock

Bang Gun

8 1/2'' wide x 5'' long. Great prop for theatre and plays. Pull the trigger and the familiar Bang! flag pops out. Great for clowns, too!


Bang Gun Stage Size

8 inch x 10 1/2 inch stage size bang gun. Great for plays, theatre etc. Pull the trigger and the familiar Bang! flag pops out. Great for clowns, too! THIS MEASURES 16" W X 7"L WHEN OPENED.


Bang Lighter

Ask your friend to pass your lighter, and when they pick it up--Bang! Lots of fun! Uses BF07 Single Shot Caps, sold separately.


Bar Bug Ice Cube

Eww! Plastic ice cube has a rubber insect embedded in it. Very real looking!


Belch Powder

Give your friends a bubbly personality.


Big Big John The Flasher

Are you ready to be the flasher at the party? One piece latex brief with jumbo private part attached.


Black Box Money Trap

Place coin in holder... a hand grabs your coin and it disappears. Really funny!


Bloody Razor Blade

Plastic razor blade fits overfinger for great effect.


Bloody Soap Powder

Soap powder that creates blood red suds, turns red with water. The harder you wash, the redder you get.


Blue Mouth Lollipop

Licking this lollipop will cause a blue mouth and tongue.


Bruised Thumb

Swollen thumb that has a bloody bandage attached. Just slip it on to your thumb.


Bug Eye Noculars

9 in x 14 in foam rubber with bug eyes on end that look in different directions


Bullet Holes Fake

Placed on any glass surface, these bullet holes look loike the real thing. Absolutely great for giving the unsuspecting a real scare. Place on house windows or car windshields and watch the fun.


Bullet Thru Window

Realistic bullet split into two sections, one for each side of the window. Comes with broken glass decal.


Bum Shorts

One of the best gags ever. Walk around with this on and enjoy the startled looks.


Candle Scream Hidden ...

12in tall, 4in wide. As candle melts the Scream character appears! Creepy!


Carrot 21 Inch Foam ...

Made of soft latex and is foam filled.


Carrot Foam 5 Inches Long

5-inch foam carrot with 2 inches of top leaves. Hand painted with a realistic look, very lightweight. Good addition to any bunny costume!