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Bad Betty Little Zombie ...

Watch out, this little girl plays rough! Little zombie girl holding her baby doll. This one is really creepy! Foam- filled latex prop with open back, designed to be placed against a wall. Highly durable and weather resistant. Approx. 48" tall and 16" wide. UPS SHIPPABLE - ALLOW $50.00 FOR SHIPPING IN US Dims approximately: 61 x 13 x 13, approx 17 lbs.


Captain Flog Em Animated ...

Well Matey! Shiver me timbers! Captain Flog'em will be the hit of your next party. Ridged urethane foam prop stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and continuously shakes his upper torso, head and lower jaw. He holds a box of jewels and doubloons. Lid can be removed for serving purposes. Includes a cd with 8 pirate sayings and background sound effects. CD player not included. Simple assembly required.


Coffin With Lid 60 Inch ...

60-inch life-size coffin made of realistic-looking wood planking is printed on weather resistant nylon material. Black RIP screen-print graphic is on the lid. Flexible and bendable metal frame. 6 PVC support tubes are included to place into pockets at each of the 6 corners of the coffin to create and maintain the coffin shape. Includes bag with handles and zipper and has color paper packaging. 60 x 24 inches assembled.


Dead Debbie Non Animated ...

This sweet little thing is dangerous. Beautifully painted foam filled Dead Debbie Non Animated Latex Propwith high quality wig. Demented Debbie is from your worst nightmares. Watch out, she's armed. 21 x 13 x 32 tall


Death Blow Lifesize ...

This meditating monk suddenly comes to life as he lifts his head and then delivers a powerful blast of air directed at your guests. Deathblow is an interactive animatronic that is very effective and easy to set up. Can be activated by the included switch or run automatically with an optional pressure pad or motion detector. Requires A/C power and a 100-125 psi air compressor (not included) Must ship by truck.


Demented Foam Filled ...

One look at this woman tells you she is crazy! Sitting woman with a crazy look in her eye, wearing a hospital gown with blood spatters. Great for decorating your haunted scene! Foam-filled latex skin.


Demonica The Undead Baby ...

This little one looks like she has been on the otherside of live for a while. 16 inch tall little latex tot with glowing eyes. Requires 2 AA batteries not included.


Dod Bride And Groom Set ...

This measures approximately 28.7in x 4.3in x 35.4i


Dr Pheal Phine Animated ...

Open wide and it won't hurt a bit! Dr Pheal Phine is 6 ft tall with poseable arms and poseable legs and can be used in a standing or sitting position. He's holding an oversized tooth in a pair of dental pliers,and has a dental tool and syringe in his breast pocket. A tank of nitrous oxide in his hip pocket has a tube that goes up to his left nostril. When the 9-volt adapter is plugged in his arms and upper body shake and his head and jaw move. He comes with a CD with 5 different dialogs along with dental sound effects. Comical as well as creepy!

EVIL ANNIE Out of Stock

Evil Annie Zombie Foam ...

Lunch anyone? Get ready to run if this wicked little zombie asks you to lunch. Stands over 4 feet tall. It is a latex foam filled prop.


Ghostly Bride With Rose ...

Very disconcerting and spooky, this ghostly bride holds a white rose in her hands as her eyes glow! A great prop! This measures approximately 53.1in x 7.9in x 66.9in Uses 3 AA primary dry Battery batteries included. Sound activated.


Granny Prop Static ...

Not your normal sweet Granny! This 5-foot-tall static prop features an easy to assemble push-button frame, posable arms, a full length dress and realistic plastic head with full gray wig. Her plastic hands hold a key in one and a knife in the other. Creepy!


Gravely Standing Prop

This polyfoam prop stands 5ft 4 in tall has 2/3 frontal view, and is completely hand detailed. Looks alive or maybe half dead! He holds a tray to serve your guests. Great prop for your next haunted gathering! PROP STANDS ON ITS' OWN - DOES NOT NEED A STAND. BOX DIMS 24 X 21 X 41 WEIGHT 25 LBS.


Gunslinger Old Deadeye

This gun-totin', cigar smoking, hat wearing, pot bellied, bullet hole riddled One Eyed Gunslinger is ready to draw down on you. Weathered realistic cloth with long dingy grey hair makes this hard foam prop truly one of the most sought after characters anywhere. Stands 6 feet tall on a sturdy wooden base.


Haunted Knight 6' Prop

When his face shield is closed he looks like a Knight of the round table. But when you slide his face shield up a smiling death skull is revealed. Very shocking. Light-up LED eyes add a more haunting element to this awesome piece. 73 inches tall x 31 inches wide x 16 inches deep. Constructed of hard poly foam. Back is unfinished. 21LBS 41x21x24.


Inbred Fred Prop

Standing 6 ft, 3 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Plug in the 9 volt DC adapter and he shakes the antique replica hay fork and nods his head. He can be posed to reach for you as he shakes his hand. This realistically hand painted mutant farmer is ready to give your unsuspecting guests a real scare. Hand crafted in the USA. Shirt colors may vary.


Jack Tortured Figure

Full size foam filled, poseable, latex props with facial flesh pulled to a contorted state by fish hooks with string attached. Clothing will vary. Each is shipped UPS in 1 over-sized box. Jack only. Rope around necks not included. box dimensions are: 37 1/4 x 15 x 15


Killer Foam Filled Latex ...

Watch Out! He might get you! Killer prop is a scary man with bloody shirt and jeans, wielding a knife as though he is ready to strike! Foam-filled latex skin with metal armature.


La Llorona Latex & Foam ...

Latex and foam upper body with metal armature and base. Crying woman with blood tears is about 5 1/2 feet tall.


Light Up Cocoon Man 3'

Light up Cocoon Man 3' tall, requires 3 AG13 batteries (not included). Size: L36" X W10" X T4".