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Burning Book

Here is a great trick for every performer, close up or on stage. You pick up a large plain black cover book and state that this is your address book. As you open the cover a large flame of fire is seen. "Boy that's some hot numbers!" When you close the cover the flame goes out. Use this prop to match the theme of your magic show. Requires 2 AAA batteries and lighter fluid, not included. Comes with required glo-plug(IA252).


Disecto Imported

Imported disceto from Asia. Always a great audience pleaser. Magician invites volunteer from audience or his own assistant to place their hand in this evil device. The sharp steel blade cuts a carrot in half but leaves the volunteer's hand unharmed.


Dozen Extra Balloons 12=1

Bage of 12 extra balloons for the Needle thru Balloon LA33.


Magic Kid Show Table

Bright, colorful and designed with eye catching characters. Folds flat to pack into your suitcase; all at an economical price.


Needle Thru Arm

It's the close up illusion made famous by Philip Morris. In full close up view of the audience, a steel needle measuring over 8 inches long is pushed through the performer's arm, and blood starts dripping everywhere! It's frighteningly realistic! Now with a smaller 3 inch needle, you start to sew up the bloody wound...can be done on stage or close up! Perfect for haunted houses or for any magician who wants to freak out his guests at his next dinner party. Your audience will talk about this for years to come.


Needle Thru Balloon

Impossible but true, a along sharp needle with a cord is puched into a standard balloon and out of the other side without breaking. The needle and cord pass totally throught the balloon. After the needle is remove the balloon is touched with the tip and bursts. No tape or gimmicks.


Needled Balloon Wand

A special wand that not only can be used in your act, but also serves as a carrying case to transport and store your needles. It also lubricates your needle each time you remove it from the wand. Just load the needle into the wand through a small hole at one end and your needle is safe and protected without fear of accidentally dulling the point of the needle.


Spike Thru Tongue

The magician appears to thrust a 10" long thin chrome spike thru his tongue as the audience watches in wonder. It is then removed without blood or pain. You won't believe your eyes.