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Adult Gorilla Ape Chimp ...

Easily fits most shoe sizes. Gorilla feet look great with the gorilla hands and will go with any gorilla costume.


Alien Hands For 9007Bs

Fingerless looking cloth gloves with long alien latex fingers attached. Plenty of dexterity along with ease of wear and cool wearing design makes these some of the best alien hands available. One size fits most adults.


American Mcgees Mad ...

American McGee's Mad Hatter hat. Black/white.


Bandanna Villain White & ...

This white bandanna with drawn on nose and large red-lipped mouth in large smile mode will prove you might just be a joker! White,red. One size fits most adults.


Beast Gloves Brown

Cloth gloves with ghoulish latex outer covering that give a fantastic organic rotted look. One size fits most adults.


Big Top Clown Hands

Large mutant clown latex hands! A great addition to any clown look.


Bone Color Skeleton Feet ...

A set of realistic looking bone-color skeleton feet are usable with just about any skeleton outfit or in any situation where skeleton feet are needed. They can also function as props, or worn as part of some other cosplay application for a fearsome bone look is needed.


Bone Color Skeleton ...

A set of realistic-looking bone-color skeleton hands which are usable with just about any skeleton outfit or in any situation where a skeleton hand is needed. Great detail with the look, coloring and design of the hand and the great fit, which is snug for a great grip.


Brown Chimp Feet - Adult

These versatile chimp feet for adults will work for many different situations and for many different occasions. Not only will they work for your chimp or gorilla costume, but also just as a gag.


Brown Chimp Hands - Adult

A realistic-looking set of adult-size brown chimp hands which will have many cosplay uses besides the ones depicting the primate world. With hair on the back of the gloves for a more realistic look and a great snug fit for easy use and more control. Compl


Butcher Apron Only

Bloody butcher apron with spattered blood on white apron. One size fits most. Vinyl.


Cartoon Hands Rubber

Large, white glossy mouse hands, made of rubber.


Cartoon White Glossy ...

Large, white glossy mouse hands made of vinyl.

CHIMP FEET Out of Stock

Chimp Feet

Plush ankle high shoe covers with latex upper foot and toe detailing attached. Elastic band on bottom holds shoe cover in place. Black fur with brown latex toes. One size fits most adults.


Chimp Hands

Plush hand gloves with latex upper hand detailing attached. Great dexterity with these unique style gloves. Black fur with brown latex fingers. One size fits most adults.


Corpse Green And Brown ...

Green and brown latex hands that look like rotting flesh. Easily accomodates large hands. Very popular.


Corpse Hands Latex

All latex corpse hands that look as though they have just come out of the cold damp ground. Beautifully sculpted and finished.


Crime Scene Kit With ...

The perfect kit for mapping out a murder scene! 100 feet of caution tape, 5 evidence markers, chalk, and blood splat. Great for murder mystery events!


Devil Adult Red Demon ...

Easily fits most shoe sizes. Devil feet look great with the devil hands and will go with any devil costume.

DEVIL HANDS Out of Stock

Devil Adult Red Demon ...

Red latex hands have black claws. Perfect for any devil costume. Fits large hands, too.