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Animated Mystic Wheel ...

Animated Mystic Wheel will add fun to any Halloween party or gathering! Just ask a question and push the button, and the wheel stops at your answer! Light-up base has a skull with red eyes for fun! Lots of laughs! Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included. Measures approximately 11 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 7 inches deep. Made of Plastic,80%; Electronics,20%.


Attic Black Blinks Light ...

Rusty looking black light that blinks on off as thought it was short circuiting. The light itself looks old and creepy and belongs in a haunted house. Powered by 110 outlet. Measures 9.5"H X 4"W.


Attic Light Short ...

Short circuit-rusty look attic light that blinks on off as thought it was short circuiting. The light itself looks old and creepy and belongs in a haunted house. Measures 9-1/2 inches tall X 4 inches wide. Powered by 110 outlet.


Black Light 48 Inch ...

Make your home or haunted house glow in that weird, haunting way. 48 inch black light with fixture. 110 volt light.

BLACKLIGHT 18in W BULB Out of Stock

Blacklight 18In W Bulb

18in blacklight fixture with tube. Perfect for many theatrical uses. Allows 360 degree illumination, instant on no flickering, uses an electronic starter, replaceable 18 inch bulb included, built in wall mounting. Illuminates about a 6 ft by 6 ft room with black light.


Blacklight 250W With Lamp

This 250 watt professional blacklight unit projects a beam 10-20 feet from the subject will light an entire room in a haunted house as it has a 100 degree spread. Designed so it can be hung or will set on the floor. Bulb is rated at 24,000 hours.


Blacklight Bulb 75 Watts

75 watt bulb. Has a life expectancy of 480 hours under normal use.


Candelabra Flicker Light ...

Screw in to any smaller fixture and you automatically have a realistic burning, flickering flame. Great addition to any haunted house or party. Packaged 2 per card.


Flicker Candle

Power electrically for safety. Designed as an alternative to flame candles. Rosco Flicker Candles are the most realistic non-flame candles you've ever seen. 110 AC.


Follow Spot Bulb For 902

Replacement bulb for the 902 Follow Spot.


LED Short Circuit ...

Screw in blub that gives you a short circuit effect. Blinks on and off sporadically, then shuts off for 5 or so seconds, then comes back on, and blinks again in rotation. Can be turned on or off with toggle switch on bulb. LED projection bulb fills the room. Classic white bulb, with standard E26 size screw inch.


Light Show Outdoor White ...

Animated ghostly face projector with steady on or fading light. Head moves from side to side. 6 different slides included. Indoor and outdoor use.


Light Show Projection ...

A great accessory to help take your Halloween display to a whole new level! Item projects whirling images of spiders with static and strobe functions and features energy- efficient, long-lasting LEDs. This item also uses SMT (Surface Mount Technology) which makes a brighter, more stable light than normal LEDs. Item measures L12 inches by W5 inches. AC Plug.


Lightshow Flutter Fright ...

Retro-looking projector shows two skeletons doing a little dance for your amusement. Fun addition to your haunted scene! Plastic,90%,Electronics,10% Measures approximately 12 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.


Lightshow LED Projection ...

Light up the holiday season with these Gemmy Lightshow Christmas Lights LED Projection Snow Flurry Lights. They feature advanced and energy-efficient LED technology. They create dazzling images of snow. They are also fully adjustable and can be projected on a variety of surfaces. The white LED projection lights include a stake for a quick and easy installation, and they are specially designed for outdoor use.


Lightshow Projection ...

Lightshow Projection-Whirl-a-Motion-Ghosts White


Pathway Stakes Starry ...

Starry night snowflakes have a peaceful twinkling effect. Extra-easy set up! Stick them in the ground and plug in! Perfect for lining pathways! Use multiple sets for maximum impact! You can connect up to 17 sets. ETL listed. 5.5 feet long.


Perfect Storm Effect Box

Perfect Storm is a sound-activated device that allows you to control the on and off flashing of lights when the thunder sound from the CD supplied is played. This makes for great thunderstorm effects for your haunted house or home haunt/Halloween party. Simply play the CD provided with the unit with your lights plugged into the back of the Perfect Storm Box (which can be plugged into any 15 amp. 120 volt outlet). Please note that total lights used should not exceed 1000 watts of power or a reset fuse in the back of the unti will trip. If this happens, reduce lights used and hit reset button on back of unit. Besides using CD, you can also place whatever sound effect you wish into your tape player, MP3 player, smart phone etc and either place one of your stereo speakers near or in front of the Perfect Storm unit or connect the player audio line out (the proper jack cable may be needed, and is not included) to the Perfect Storm audio input jack. Using either of these two ways, when thunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized fashion. Includes CD with over one hour of sound effects, CD player not included. Power input 120v/60 hz. Uses type 15A fuse. AC jack and audio jack. Round sensor knob on front of unit is adjustable to make lights flash to your liking. The Perfect Storm will work with a variety of different types of lights in including both incandescent and LED. (Not recommended for flourescent lights).


Red Fire & Ice LED ...

Screw in Fire and Ice lighting. LED projection bulb fills the room. Red/Red/Yellow bulb, with standard E26 size screw in. Detailed instruction sheet included. For indoor use only. ETL listed. Measurement: 3"L x 3"W x 5.5"H.


Rosco Creative Colr Kit ...

The fifteen color filters in this kit are selected from the range of over 300 colors which Rosco produces for theatre, film and television. Each of these sheets of color are 12 x 12 in and deep-dyed on a heat resistant base. They are ideal for the lights used in most video productions. The colors may vary among 300 shades, but a basic kit may contain 1 yellow, 4 shades of orange, 1 red, 2 shades of pink, 2 shades of purple, 3 shades of blue, and 2 shades of green.