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3 Halloween Life Size Animated Lunging

Lunging Haggard Witch Haunting Ghosts Trio Cauldron Creeper


Ghostly Go Rounds 3 Dolls Animated Prop

What is more chilling than three forgotten dolls from yesteryear slowly riding a merry-go-round for an eternity? This eerie prop is the perfect way to turn your home into a haunted mansion or haunted playroom. Creepy music plays at the merry-go-round goes round and round. Prop includes red iron frame merry-go-round with three swings and three dolls dressed in distressed Victorian era clothing with cracked faces. Add this animated prop to your indoor Halloween decorations to leave a haunting impression. Activation options: steady-on, Step-Here pad, and infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions). Standard UL power adapter. Iron, PVC, polyester and cotton. Assembly required. 72"H x 36"W x 36"D.


See Saw Dolls Playground Animated Prop

Forgotten and forsaken, these creepy dolls are left to seesaw alone for all time. This haunting prop features two Victorian dolls with hollowed-out eyes slowly riding on a seesaw while a chilling tune plays! Prop is easy to assemble and will add an unnerving effect to your Halloween decor. Great animated Halloween prop to add to your haunted house! Activation options: steady-on, Step-Here pad, and infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions). Standard UL power adapter. Polyester, PVC, sponge, plastic, electronics. Assembly required. 36"H x 48"W x 13"D.


Slim Soul Stealer Animated Prop

Something bad is lurking behind the trees - it's the Slim Soul Stealer! This terrifying character stands an imposing 7 feet tall and features a pale featureless face with glowing-white eyes and long black stringy hair. He is dressed in a thin pin-striped black suit and tie, and his two extra-long arms with creepy elongated hands give a disturbing look. The Slim Soul Stealer's eyes light up a glowing white, and his mouth moves as he turns his head and twists at the waist while saying one of three sayings ("Come to me my children, I will take you away. Come with me. You are all my children now.", "Why worry about what lies ahead? I can ease your pain--ease your suffering. You have nothing to fear.", "I am everywhere. I am always here. Watching. Waiting. Waiting for you."). Chilling! Plug the UL power adapter into any standard outlet and choose from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options to operate. The infra-red sensor works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions - bright light to no light! Item includes volume control. Framework is made of easy-to-assemble quick-connect metal poles. Assembly is required.


36 Inch Wild Printed Velour Jungle Snake

36" realistic-looking printed velour jungle snake. Assorted green and purple colors.


3D Hanging Snowflake Mobile Winter Christmas

Beautiful winter decoration reflects the light with a prismatic effect, perfect look for all your holiday festivities! Made of heavy paperboard, the mobile comes fully assembled, and pops open when you remove it from the packaging. 22 inches long.


50 FT Woman Movie Poster Cling

Vintage horror movie post a cling poster of the classic, The 50-Foot Woman. 24 in x 36 in.


50S Cutouts Pack Of 4 16 Inch

Package of 4 different cut-outs.


6 Foot Zombie Prop

This zombie prop is sure to scare the "yell" out of whoever sees it! Polyfoam prop features 6 foot zombie with synthetic hair, polycotton/gauze material, and painted details in face, hand, and chest area for a realistic look. 6 foot zombie has wire frame, and includes stand. This is a non-powered prop. Assembly required. Product measures 72 inches x 18 inches x 9 inches.


60 Inch Wild Printed Velour Jungle Snake

60" realistic-looking printed velour jungle snake. Assorted green and purple colors. Our choice.


Acid Queen Spitting Animated Prop

The surprise of something coming out liquid is superseded by 'the Acid Queen' spitting water at your guests with a blast of air. Water effect can easily be changed from a fine mist to a wet splash. Includes green DC voltage fountain light to color the water from inside the barrel and a variable bubbler to complete the boiling acid effect. The Acid Spitter is a gag your guests will enjoy and remember. Character is made from a solid durable resin. Requires AC power and a 100 psi air compressor. Can be triggered by the included switch or by optional pressure pad or motion sensor.


Air Blown Wicked Reaper Halloween Prop

Wicked Reaper Airblown Halloween Inflatable. This giant character will add a huge wow factor to your outdoor Halloween decor. Includes one self inflating airblown reaper, plug in, fan, and lights. 12 ft tall. Lights up and self-inflates in seconds. Deflates for easy storage. Includes everything needed for set-up.


Air Cannon

An extremely startling effect. Produces a tremendous boom floowed by a blast of air. Safety and hearing precautions must be taken. Optional motion sensor available. Requires AC power and a 100-125 psi air compressor (not included)


Airblown 12 Feet Haunted Ghost With Light

Airblown Giant Light Show Haunted Ghost stands 12 feet tall! Lights up with color changing LEDs. Easy set up. Tethers and stakes are included. For indoor or outdoor use!


Airblown Angry Birds Scene Prop

Airblown Inflatable Yard decor. Self-Inflates in Seconds. Lights up. Stakes and tethers included. 10 feet.


Airblown Animated Brat Cat Prop

This 10 ft. tall cat will simply tower over your outdoor Halloween decorations. With a motorized head that turns left and right and a light-up feature, this massive yard decoration is sure to make an impactful addition to your Halloween lights! Self-inflates in seconds. Stakes and tethers included. Polyester.


Airblown Animated Haunted Tree 7.5 Feet Tall

Animated Airblown Haunted Tree lights up, shakes and shivers, as if it is actually haunted! 7.5 feet tall. Easy to set up, inflates in seconds. For indoor/outdoor use.


Airblown Animated Reaper 12 Feet Tall

Animated Airblown Giant Beckoning Reaper stands 12 feet tall! Right arm moves up and down. Self-inflates in seconds. Lights up. Stakes and tethers included.


Airblown Animated Santa In Chimney

Airblown Inflatable Yard decor. Self-Inflates and lights up in seconds. Stakes and tethers included. ETL Listed. 26" wide x 48" tall.