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Alchemists Dream

Magician brings forth a small brass vial, a magic potion and some metal filings are placed within the brass vial and a drop of postion added to them. A cork completes the ritual. A slight shake and the filings are dumped out revealing that they have changed to gold fillings. These are returned to the vial and more of the potion added. The vial is stirred and finally a golden nugget is produced from the vial.


Ball And Vase

Smaller 3'' tall


Ball And Vase Stage Size

Large stage size 4'' tall.


Ball Thru Hand

A solid steel ball is placed in a small metal cup. As your audience watches close up, you push a plunger into a cup, and the metal ball passes through the metal, and through your hand!


Ball Vase

Very nice with locking cap- 3 1/2'' tall


Change Bag (Itty Bitty ...

The smallest of our family of change bags, the Itty Bitty Pickle over bag is shown empty, then magically is full of silks, streamers, confetti or whatever you'd like to place inside. Can be used as a production, vanish, switch, color change, etc.


Chop Cup 2Ball Pl 1 Inch ...

Extra balls for the Chop Cup and Ball Combination 1 Regular and 1 Magnet


Chop Cup Balls Combo ...

Hand knit balls vanish, appear, penetrate and even multiply sheer magic.Made of Copper.


Chop Cup/Ball Combo ...

Hand knit balls vanish, appear, penetrate and even multiply sheer magic. Made of Aluminum.


Color Change Knife Deluxe

A pocket knife is seen to change colors as it passes through a magician's hand. Finally it appears in the magician's pocket and is handed out for examination.


Color Vision

Cube has a different color on all six sides. Spectator places cube in box and closes lid. You read his mind, and tell him the chosen color everytime.


Cups And Balls Plastic

A set of cups that include hand knitted balls and complete routine instructions. Plastic.


Cups And Balls Rack Pack

A set of cups that includes hand knitted balls and complete routine instructions.


Diminishing Cigarette

You remove a filter tip cigarette from your pack, and place it in a tube. WOW, it shrinks to almost nothing.


Elusive Lifesavers

A Lifesaver candy roll is displayed and placed within a brass tube. The tube is capped and given to a spectator to hold. Next a $20.00 bill is introduced and vanished. Brass tube is opened to find the Lifesaver gone, and in their place the missing $20.00 bill. Changes LifeSaver into just about anything that will fit into the tube.


Floating Lady

Plastic lady is placed on the back of the playing card, and within inches of your audience, she is seen to raise and float in mid air. They will go away talking about this.


Hyrum The Haunted Hank

At the command of the magician, Hyrum the Ghost comes to life, moves up and down as the performer talks to it. A truly baffling and spooky trick.


Imp Bottle

Only you can command this bottle to lie on its side. For everyone else it will stand straight up. An old standby.


Jumping Signed Bill

A spectator's bill, which he signs or marks, is placed inside a 9" silk with a rubber band. The silk, rubber band and bill are then placed inside a glass. The glass is covered with an aluminum tube. Before you can blink, the bill has jumped from one tube to the other. But even more amazing, the opening of the second glass is now covered with the 9" silk which is held on by the rubber band and the bill is inside the glass under the silk. And, yes, the spectator removes the band and the silk to discover that it is, indeed, his SIGNED Bill.

KNIT 4 BALL SET MULTI .75 IN Out of Stock

Knit 4 Ball Set Multi ...

Cork balls covered in hand crocheted wool fiber. Set of 4