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Bargain Bouquet

Our economy versionA beautiful 10 bloom bouquet imported from India.


Drooping Sunflower

A step above and beyond the wilting flower, best selling clown gag in history. Three blooms of large attractive flowers wilt as you sneeze or blow at your command.


Feather Bouquet Deluxe

Five bloom bouquet with bright vibrant colors. Round metal pull ring base. Bouquet measures 15'' high.


Gloves To Bouquet

You enter and remove your gloves, toss them in the air and they change to a beautiful bouquet. With our method, no chance of the gloves hanging down to give the trick away.


Sleeve Bouquet Prof ...

Professional deluxe quality sleeve feather flower bouquet. Magicians everywhere have opened their shows by magically producing a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers. In the past, the cost of hand made feather flowers has been out of reach for most magicians, but no longer. This 6 blossom Professional bouquet is the finest quality ever made.


Spring Flowers

Paper flowers that fold small and spring open for a big production. Very verstaile. Made without strings- loose flowers.