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Ak47 Submachine Gun

Realistic rifle made of durable plastic. When trigger is pulled sound and sparks are emitted. Rifle measures 29 inches long. Guns no longer have camo finish.


American Mcgees Mad ...

American McGee's Mad Hatter hat. Black/white.


Archery Set

Includes bow, 3 suction tipped arrows, and plastic knife. Bow is 20 inches long and arrows are 15 inches long.


Axe Wooden 24 Inches ...

Wodden Ax made of plastic, 24 inches long. Very realistic!


Bandanna Villain White & ...

This white bandanna with drawn on nose and large red-lipped mouth in large smile mode will prove you might just be a joker! White,red. One size fits most adults.


Bandolier Bullet Belt ...

60 inch long plastic bullet belt.


Battle Axe 43 Inches ...

Shaft is hollow - it is 43 inches long and 4 - inches diameter.


Belt And Holster Set ...

Adjustable webbing belt and holster set for adults.


Big Meat Old Timey ...

Old timey looking clever with blood splattered detailing. Hard polyurethane construction. 15" x 5".


Big Tex Holster Set

Realistic-sized metal toy revolver with vinyl leather-look holster and 1 inch web belt. Fits ages 5+. Holster is separate and could be used with any 1 inch belt. Uses 12 shot ring cap (BF-63), not included.


Big Tex Pistol

Realistic size metal toy revolver . Uses 12 shot ring cap not included. Size is 10 1/2 x 4 3/4 x 1 1/4.


Bleeding Plastic Blood ...

Safe plastic construction. When machete is held in a downward position, blood runs down into the blade.


Boba Fett Green & Orange ...

Star Wars enthusiasts will love this officially licensed Boba Fett Blaster from the classic Star Wars movies! The perfect accessory for your Boba Fett costume! The stationery green and orange blaster is approximately two feet long with distress markings and a burgundy Mandalorian crest. Plastic.


Bow And Arrow Archer 24 ...

For your favortie archer! Ornate-looking bow and arrow set. Comes with bow and three suction cup-tipped arrows. 24 inches long.


Bow And Arrow Native ...

For your favorite hunter! Wooden-look bow and arrow set. Comes with bow, three suction cup-tipped arrows with scabbard, and knife with holder. 30 inches long.


Bullet Belt Realistic ...

Realistic plastic 60-inch bullet belt will add a great finishing touch to any military rebel or western costume! Bullets have a 360 degree view and are removable. Ready to wear!


Butcher Apron Only

Bloody butcher apron with spattered blood on white apron. One size fits most. Vinyl.


Butcher Knife

All plastic 14 x 2 inch long knife. Great look with all your scary costumes! Brown color handle with silver blade. All safe plastic.


Butcher Knife Giant 20" ...

This is one jumbo butcher knife! Can easily be used as a costume or haunted house accessory. 20 inch plastic knife.


Butcher Knife Glow

Sturdy plastic glow-in-the-dark knife with very durable no sharp edges.