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Comedy Funnel Instructions

Place the funnel anywhere, and at his command out flows liquid. 6 1/2'' tall Gold Colored. Pitcher not included.


Dove Egg Magic

After you produce several live doves, you then produce a giant white egg, which you break open to reveal a real dove. You could also produce silks, or even candy from the egg to toss into the audience.


Foo Can Deluxe

Magician shows empty can, pours water into it, then turns upside down. Water has vanished. He then says the magic word and can now pour wine or milk.


In The News

A newspaper is opened and shown to the audience. The paper is folded and a glass of water is poured into it. The newspaper is unfolded, opened and even turned upside down, but the water has apparently vanished into thin air. Refold and water apprears.


Milk Pitcher

Even the great Blackstone used this trick. You pour a full pitcher of milk into a paper cone, and it vanishes at the wink of an eye. Large 32oz stage size plastic pitcher.


Rice Bowls Copper Brahmin

An empty bowl is filled with rice. The rice mysteriously doubles, then turns into water. Your spectator may look right into the bowls. Set of 3 polished copper bowls. Largest bowl is approximately 4 inches tall.


Self-Filling Coke Bottle

An empty, capped, glass Coke bottle is set inside of an opaque tube with the top of the bottle always in sight; it is immediately removed again from the tube and is now full of Coke!


Super Oom

Avoid the problems of carrying milk to shows, this formula makes water look like milk. 2oz bottle of super oom will make many gallons of magic milk


Vanishing Glass And Liquid

Glass and liquid vanish with a clap of hands. Everything disappears in a wink! A reputation builder.