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Hooped Clown Pants Set

Cotton pants with suspenders and removable hoop at the waistline. Add your own clown accessories! Shirt, shoes, gloves, wig, and makeup are not included. One size fits most adults. Colors may vary.


Webcaster Gun Spider Web ...

Create super realistic spider webs with this Webcaster Gun! Easy to use! Just connect to any air compressor (not included) and insert the Webcaster Sticks (6 included). In minutes you'll have an amazing scene! 4 CFM at 90 PSI air compressor recommended. Less pressure allows for more intricate detailing. For adult use only. Not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.


Webcaster Gun 2 Spider ...

The Webcaster Gun II is the perfect tool to quickly create an atmosphere that will make a fun, festive and "spooktacular" scene everyone will love!! The NEW Webcaster Gun II harnesses the air power from the blower port of any shop vacuum. It produces the same great effects as the original gun, just without the lag time of the air compressor. Sprays approximately 1.5 pounds of webbing per hour. -Easy to use -Professional results -Easy to clean up -Use any size shop vacuum with a blower port and 1.25 inch hose.


Perfect Storm Effect Box

Perfect Storm is a sound-activated device that allows you to control the on and off flashing of lights when the thunder sound from the CD supplied is played. This makes for great thunderstorm effects for your haunted house or home haunt/Halloween party. Simply play the CD provided with the unit with your lights plugged into the back of the Perfect Storm Box (which can be plugged into any 15 amp. 120 volt outlet). Please note that total lights used should not exceed 1000 watts of power or a reset fuse in the back of the unti will trip. If this happens, reduce lights used and hit reset button on back of unit. Besides using CD, you can also place whatever sound effect you wish into your tape player, MP3 player, smart phone etc and either place one of your stereo speakers near or in front of the Perfect Storm unit or connect the player audio line out (the proper jack cable may be needed, and is not included) to the Perfect Storm audio input jack. Using either of these two ways, when thunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized fashion. Includes CD with over one hour of sound effects, CD player not included. Power input 120v/60 hz. Uses type 15A fuse. AC jack and audio jack. Round sensor knob on front of unit is adjustable to make lights flash to your liking. The Perfect Storm will work with a variety of different types of lights in including both incandescent and LED. (Not recommended for flourescent lights).

tom arma frog toddler costume Out of Stock

Tom Arma Frog Toddler ...

Heirloom Quality Costume. Fully lined in green baby soft fabric. Includes Character headpiece with front Velcro closure, elaborate frog-eyes complete with piping and fine embroidery; Character bodysuit with back snap closure, in fabulous frog green fabric with bright orange attached bib and embroidery markings; Character booties, fanciful webbed frog feet in bright orange and green. Available in toddler sizes: Small (3T-4T) and Large (4T-5T). To keep your booties in picture perfect condition, Tom recommends that booties should be used for indoor use only or on sitting little ones in strollers. Care instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, line dry, do not bleach. 100% Polyester. Costume details may vary from photograph


Werewolf Hands

Perfect fitting gloves that will complete any werewolf or monster costume. Long finger nails, very detailed.


Yeti Costume

Quality Yeti costume with long fangs, over the head latex mask, matching cloth suit, latex hands and feet. One size fits most adults, up to 6' tall and 220 lbs. Costume is machine washable, cold gentle cycle, tumble dry low. No Ironing or Bleach. 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyester!

chuck sexy adult womens costume Out of Stock

Chucky Sexy Adult Womens ...

Overalls dress, top, and thigh highs. Weapon not included. Add your own wig. Sizes: Small 4-6, Medium 8-10, Large 12-14.


Collar Of Doom Latex ...

All latex collar with skull accented shoulders. Great gothic costume accessory. One size fits most adults.


Big Boss Clown Full Over ...

Big Boss has a big attitude! Full over the head latex mask with hair and cigar attached. Individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible.


Iron Over The Head Vinyl ...

Heavy vinyl cage look mask with over the head hood attached.


Evil Clown Red Yellow ...

Colorful creepy clown suit includes tunic, pants, and collar, with oversized mask and hands. One size fits most adults.


Monster Latex Headpiece ...

Quality latex headpiece that includes bolts for neck, without hair


Fred Flintstone Full ...

Full Over-the-head Latex Mask.


Barney Rubble Full Over ...

Full Over-the-head Latex Mask.


Cardasian Full Over The ...

Full over the head latex mask. Individually hand painted.

SCREAM MASK Out of Stock

Scream Mask

Slice and Dice. This face has a white face with black cloth hood attached. Seen in The movie Scream.


Frankenstein Monster ...

Quality latex headpiece trimmed with black hair; includes bolts for neck.


Dripping Bleeding Horror ...

Squeeze the heart shaped pump and blood flows down the front of the Mask. Blood recycles back for continuous bleeding.


Scream Mask With Blood ...

Simply squeeze the heart shaped pump, and the self-contained ''Blood'' flows under the mask's clear outer shell. Blood Recycles back for continuous bleeding action.


Darth Maul Latex Mask ...

Latex Mask, Hand painted. Mask of the character from the Star Wars movies.


Spiderman Soft Vinyl ...

Adult size deluxe soft vinyl full over-the-head mask. Spider-Man, The character & 2002 Marvel Characters, Inc. Spider-Man, The Movie 2002 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved

APE MASK Out of Stock

Dr. Evil's Black Ape ...

Dr. Evil's Deluxe full over-the-head collector's quality latex hand painted movie mask. By Famous Hollywood Makeup Artist, Steve Wang. Black Ape mask with hair.


Orc Overseer Full Over ...

Full Over the Head Latex Mask; very similar to the one used in The Lord of the Rings movie.


Clone Trooper Plastic ...

Just like the helmets used in the movie! A Clone of the Clone. Smoked see - thru lens. Plastic.